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  • To preserve the very important collection
  • To advance the art of puppetry
  • To network information
  • To publish a book on Alan Cook and the Cook/Marks Collection

Donate Puppets:
If you have puppets to donate to the museum and cause contact us at:
phone: 310-372-2669 or mail@puppetrymuseum.org

Please include as much information as possible about the puppets and photos.
We would like to know who made the puppet and what year they were made. Also any history they may have.


Dear Contributor We want you to know that IPM is still a prominent influence in the advancement of puppetry arts.  Although we no longer have a physical location, we are still fulfilling our objectives.

This last year we made progress on the publication of ALAN COOK - A PUPPET COLLECTOR'S ODYSSEY.

Now that the puppets or at the NWPC, we are finding ways to support the Center and augment the collection. Additions include an African puppet from Mali and Baby Bonn, a puppet by Pat Brymer purchased by Alan Cook. Steve Golden’s donation of two books, The Well Dressed Puppet by Cheralyn Lambeth Routledge and Companion to Puppetry & Material Performance edited by Dassia Posner, Claudia Orenstein & John Bell. Mary Decker found at auction; Punch and Judy puppets from Germany, two identified by Foy E. Brown and some fine Paul McPharlin marionettes. Jackee Marks contributed five sketches plus a catalog from the Laika auction. We received a number of puppets from Candy Clark, including a Remo Bufano.

IPM will be participating in the San Diego Puppet Guild Festival May 4 – 24.

This year we will focus on the publication of the Alan Cook book plus continued strong support for the Northwest Puppet Center. We are confident that we will get encouragement from the puppet community. Please contribute.

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