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Disney Pinnochio Toy Puppet


Some toy puppets were manufactured as playthings but others are significant because they are small replicas of performance puppets.  They are also ethnic representations of different cultures. The Clippo puppet designed by Virginia Curtis was a very popular toy. She performed in many venues using a large version of Clippo that manipulated a smaller version that manipulated an even smaller one. Sheri Lewis’ Lambchop is also made as a toy puppet. Kermit of Muppet fame is manufactured as a puppet, a toy and in other toy forms as well. Bob Baker has made large Pinocchio puppets for Disney.

The largest manufacturer of toy puppets was Hazel. Tony Sarg designed puppets for Madame Alexander.

Shadow puppets from Indonesia and China can be found that are accurate and in the same material as the performance puppet. This is true in Greece as well.

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