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Steve's Stacks!

June 2009 update! Our colleague, Steve, has discovered a hidden treasure chest of unique and wonderful finds! Click on the above image to see them. Check back monthly as he uncovers more...

IPM is in great need for a "standard blueprint file drawer" unit to library our posters. Please contact us if you know of a donator.

The International Puppetry Museum (IPM), formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) is dedicated to promote, to preserve and to advance the international art of puppetry. supports and enriches the diverse communities of Southern California through outreach programs that blend performance, exhibitions and education.

A main objective of IPM is to insure the preservation of the Alan Cook collection. We are in negotiations with a major museum in Southern California as a permanent home for the most representative puppets as
well as the library of book. IPM volunteers are diligently working on photographing the puppets and cataloguing them.The books and ephemera are being catalogued as well.

formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA)

The Collection

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Rooster Rod Puppet, 20th century, Africa Tourist sculpture: “After long hours of work to finish harvesting the fields, villagers come together to celebrate. Puppets are brought out and competitions are held to find the best performers. Tribal history, customs and morals are taught through the puppets.” 22 AF

Red Man, Rod Puppet, Ibibio Tribe, Mali, 1950’s Village shows, Ibibio puppets are performed by young men of the secret society.  Performers are hidden behind a cloth covered wooden frame and manipulate puppets above their heads. 19 AF

Man on a Springbok Head, Rod Puppet, Africa, 20th century, village performances 20 AF

Man with Wrist Watch, Rod Puppet, Mali, Banbara or Bamana, 1960’s, used in tribal performances

Yellow Head With Puppets on Head, Mali Yoruba Tribe, Africa hand
Head with large eyes, red lips, black face marking. A platform on the head holds two small yellow  figures, one kneeling, one standing, both holding clubs. 34 AF

Man with Drum  Marionette, Togo Tribe, Senegal, 1980’s-1990’s used in village performances 39 AF

Three Men on Animal Head , Rod Puppet, Imara or Bambara Tribe, 20th Century used in village performances 37 AF

Red Figure With Pestle, Rod Puppet, Mali, 20th century 23 AF

Yellow Man Riding,  Vertical Rod Puppet, Mali c.1950 Century, used in village performances 9 AF (not pictured)

Man on a Horse, Rod Puppet,  Africa, 20th Century, village performances 38 AF (not pictured)

Standing Female (c. 1975): Ibibio, Nigeria. Performed by the Ekon Society. This puppet epitomizes female beauty. She is young, marriageable, and is presented ceremoniously to the community after seclusion in the "fattening house." Gift of Nancy Lohman Staub. (not pictured)

Antelope Ibibio Tribesmen ,Nigeria, Vertical Rod Puppet,  Late 1960’s,  puppets are manipulated by young men of the secret society.  Performers are hidden behind a cloth covered wooden frame and manipulate puppets above their heads. 4 AF

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