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Steve's Stacks!

June 2009 update! Our colleague, Steve, has discovered a hidden treasure chest of unique and wonderful finds! Click on the above image to see them. Check back monthly as he uncovers more...

IPM is in great need for a "standard blueprint file drawer" unit to library our posters. Please contact us if you know of a donator.

The International Puppetry Museum (IPM), formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) is dedicated to promote, to preserve and to advance the international art of puppetry. supports and enriches the diverse communities of Southern California through outreach programs that blend performance, exhibitions and education.

A main objective of IPM is to insure the preservation of the Alan Cook collection. We are in negotiations with a major museum in Southern California as a permanent home for the most representative puppets as
well as the library of book. IPM volunteers are diligently working on photographing the puppets and cataloguing them.The books and ephemera are being catalogued as well.

formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA)
1062 N. Fair Oaks Avenue - Pasadena, CA 91103 - telephone - fax: 626-296-1536
To get to the IPM parking lot, one must turn right on Mountain Ave. and turn left into the alley, go 1/2 way up the block. The new IPM sign can be seen on the building to the left. The gate is open and parking is available.
(Note: There is a church in front of IPM and is locked you can't get through on Fair Oaks Ave.)

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Evil Knight, Gano di Maganza  - Opera di Pupi (Sicilian puppet theater), Marionette, early to mid-20th century 462EU
Cycles of Song of Roland and Charlemagne, epic tales of chivalry and romance

Toldi on a Horse, Rod Puppet, Budapest, Hungary,1950’s, public performances  329 EU

The Moor, Marionette, prior to 1930’s Italy possibly Bologna used in public adult shows.  The stories of champions in the context of wars between the Christians and Moors 486 EU

German Devil, Hand Puppet, 1880- 1926 Popular character in German version of Punch & Judy or Kasper puppet shows  77 EU

Pulcinella, Hand Puppet, 1920’2-1940’s, Italian, called Punch in English, Polichinelle in French, classical character  originated in the Commedia dell'arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry 196 EU

Chef -  France, Hand Puppet, 1950 or earlier, Guignol character in traditional plays 66 EU

Man with Mustache,  Hand Puppet, France, 1950’s or earlier (possibly Lyon), used in Guignol shows 73 EU

*Judy and the Baby, Hand Puppet, 1960’s, England Punch and Judy  traditional, popular English puppet show. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, each depicting an interaction between two characters, most typically the anarchic Punch and one other. Performed by a single puppeteer, known since Victorian times as a "professor". 104, 1918 EU

Karaghiozis in Drag – Shadow Puppet, 19th century, Greece, Poor hunchback, right hand  always depicted long, his clothes are ragged and patched, and his feet are always bare. Karaghiozis came from Turkey during the Turkish occupation of Greene. Uses mischievous and crude ways to survive. 469EU

Greek Shadow Stage, model, 1958-1962, depicts scene from “Revenge of Harodius”. Made by Sopiris Spatharis, famous shadow puppeteer. Author of Behind the White Screen

Policeman, Germany, Hand Puppet, 1880’s-1920’s Punch and Judy or Kasper character used in traditional shows

Bullfighter, Spain, Toy Hand Puppet, 1960’s Gails Toys Hand Puppet Co. Bull fighting is very closely associated with Spain and can trace its origins back to 711 A.D. This is when the first bullfight took place in celebration for the crowning of King Alfonso VIII 232 EU or 233

Man in Red Hat, Hand Puppet, Italy, early to mid 20th Century, traditional performances

*Guignol, France –Hand Puppet, 1840’s, is the main character in a French puppet show that bears his name. Often thought of as children’s entertainment, Guignol’s sharp wit and linguistic verve always appreciated by adults : “Guignol amuses children… and witty adults” EU 71

Man With a White Cap – Hand Puppet, Germany, 180’s-1926, Kasper or Punch and Judy shows EU 78

Cubist Servant Girl, Hand Puppet by Maria Signorelli, Italy, avant-garde shows EU 36

Kasperl Germany, 1950’s Fritz Herbert Bross, mentor to Albrecht Roser, Kasper or Punch and Judy Shows EU 304

Snow Girl, Hand Puppet, Sophia, Bulgaria
State puppet theater. 1050’s, Classical and contemporary plays for kids, humorous and vanguard shows for adults.
Expression of the puppet art in its different styles: all systems of classical puppets, improvised puppets, shadow theatre, black camera, projection on a screen, plastic and visual effects, etc.
Become art event of the year, unique, visual effects EU 197

Lady  in Green Dress, Marionette, Salici Marionettes, Italy, 1920’-1930’s- performed in San Francisco Worlds Fair 1939 35 EU

Old Man,  Athens Puppet Theater, Hand Puppet, Greece,  Origin 1940’s during WW II 192 EU

Baby Tandarica,  Rod Puppet, (mascot of the Tandarica Theater, Romania, state supported) –1952-1960’s, introduced new means of expression in animation theatre.  In 1978, the theatre was awarded the Erasmus Prize for  important contribution to development of aesthetics in contemporary puppet theatre. 201EU


*Doorman, Tanderica Puppet Company, Romania, Rod Puppet, pre 1964, used in performances by state run theater 504 EU

Kasper, Hand Puppet, Hohnsteiner Troupe, Germany, 1945, troupe performed at United States Intelligence Language School as part of German language training. 213 EU

Medieval Lady, Leningrad Area, Russia, 1950’s, used in public performance 328 EU

Corn Husk Girl, Marionette, 1960’s,
Romania, state supported theater EU 464

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