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Steve's Stacks!

June 2009 update! Our colleague, Steve, has discovered a hidden treasure chest of unique and wonderful finds! Click on the above image to see them. Check back monthly as he uncovers more...

IPM is in great need for a "standard blueprint file drawer" unit to library our posters. Please contact us if you know of a donator.

The International Puppetry Museum (IPM), formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) is dedicated to promote, to preserve and to advance the international art of puppetry. supports and enriches the diverse communities of Southern California through outreach programs that blend performance, exhibitions and education.

A main objective of IPM is to insure the preservation of the Alan Cook collection. We are in negotiations with a major museum in Southern California as a permanent home for the most representative puppets as
well as the library of book. IPM volunteers are diligently working on photographing the puppets and cataloguing them.The books and ephemera are being catalogued as well.

formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA)
1062 N. Fair Oaks Avenue - Pasadena, CA 91103 - telephone - fax: 626-296-1536
To get to the IPM parking lot, one must turn right on Mountain Ave. and turn left into the alley, go 1/2 way up the block. The new IPM sign can be seen on the building to the left. The gate is open and parking is available.
(Note: There is a church in front of IPM and is locked you can't get through on Fair Oaks Ave.)

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Cucaracha in Blue Dress, Hand Puppet by José Diaz, Teatro Nahual, 1960 Wedding of Cucaracha and and Ratoncito Perez NA 18

La Lagarterana, Hand Puppet by Lola Cueto, Teatro Nahual, Mexico,  1940 Las Lagarteranas is a traditional Spanish dance 34NA 36 724 23

Nixon as Farmer McGregor Rand Bohn, Hand and Rod Puppet, 1960’s-1990’s, public performances  NA 484

Man in Black Rod Puppet,  student, UCLA Theater Arts Dept. – gift of Prof. Mel Helstein  hand carved wood, used in student production NA 1818

*Mayor of Nothingham by Tony Sarg, Marionette, 1939, part of Robin Hood production 257 NA 256

Poppin’  Fresh by René Zendejas, Live Action Puppet, California sculpted by Martha Armstrong 1960’s Pillsbury Magic Circus at old KTTV Studios, Sunset, CA (not pictured)

Mexican Boy Hand Puppet by Roberto Lago, Teatro Nahual, Mexico, 1940, educational puppetry sponsored by the Mexican Government  725 NA (not pictured)

Mexican Girl Hand Puppet by Lago Roberto Lago, Teatro Nahual, 1940’s, educational puppetry sponsored by the Mexican Government 1932 NA (not pictured)

Monster by Mike Wick, Hand Puppet, Northern  California,1990’s (not pictured)

Father Time , Marionette, William Duncan and Edward Mabley, Tatterman Marionettes, 1920’s-1930’s Variety shows 476 NA

Phyllis Diller, Tony Urbano, Marionette, Featured at Universal Studios Tour, USA
Diller was a comedienne on TV, 1960’s-80’s  681 NA

The Janitor, Kevin Menegus, Hand Puppet, USA,1999, used in public shows 1587 NA

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